Jimmy John's
Their claim is that at Jimmy John's you get the world's best gourmet sandwich. Maybe not the best but definitely the freshest subs around. I like the attitude and the humourous signs. There is a neon sign that says, "Free Smells". The sign inside say, "You must eat at Jimmy Johns because your mothers says so." Great irrestible after that right. Wait a minute till you reach the counter. They have a sign that says, "Be ready with you order when you reach the counter and say, 'loaded ' if you want onions." In short don't waste our time. Their website is great with history of the college dropout owner.Jimmy John's Looks like that if you want to achieve something in then dropping out of college looks like the only way.
Whatever the stories when you bite into that fresh French bread with sprouts and chunky avocado only with the usual suspects, your mom was right. Check some of the ads they are fun. Its fun in way to see a sense of humour in a website for sandwiches. Explore around you will find it hilarious. There is a TV ad starring India in a vegetarian role and then the Baggy Pants ad is the best.

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