No! I have not been bombed out. I was in India these past few weeks and I strongly intended to keep writing but I simply could not. You know how things are on a vacation.
This time I was also up to 'other stuff'.
I was impressed with VSNL dialup. It is a little better than it used to be.
The helpdesk folks (just try 'em). Let's not talk about the Pune roads. I am depressed already.
I am off to China for the next two weeks and I do have intentions of posting from there if I can get access and TIME (You elusive creature!). Let's see how that goes.

60 years of the A-Bomb

60 years ago, Paul Tibbets dropped the A-Bomb on Hiroshima. Eight days later, on August 14th, Japan surrendered. An obvious correlation. Right? All major newspapers have something to say on the 'occasion' of the 60th Anniversary of the A-bomb.

These two posts gave the two distinct viewpoints:

National Post

Kai Bird in the LA Times

I expect a post(or a comment) from the expert on: the history and politics of the bomb. It would irk him more than it irked me to read Robert Oppenheimer's Gita quote being quoted often and mostly out of context by writers (read: hacks) like these. Interesting story on the younger Tibbets

You gotta try this!

Got my hands on the Konfabulator and the associated bunch of goodies. Many thanks to my ever-vigilant friend Javed. He reported that this awesome technology is now FREE! Thanks for that. It makes my Windows desktop slightly classier; still miles to go before it can measure up to a Mac. Since my advisor has not done something like this, for now it is good enough.
(Needless to say that it wasted one whole hour and won't do much to improve my productivity.)

Arms and the Man

Finally finished reading G.B. Shaw's Arms and the Man. I had to! I had reached the renewal limit and also because I will be leaving for India in a couple of days. There were too many interesting (hence: distracting) books that I stumbled across this summer to pay attention to this classic. Too bad that they don't perform Shaw. We have a lot of Shakespeare every winter with the RSC coming on tour in most years. The venerable Bard is great but not immediately comprehensible. It would be nice to have a few evenings of Shaw for a change.

A more Substantial Google Update

It has been some time since I last visited the lab and there is a lot of new stuff from Google labs, especially this -Personalized Google Page. It is not as good as Yahoo's personalization, but it will get there. I liked the Fun Stuff Feed and the quick preview of your Gmail.