Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday Afternoon
3:20 pm
I am ploughing through a book on Statistical Data Analysis and ? densities. Hear a voice, "Do you want some chai coffee?". Can't ignore the voice of True Reason.

3:45 pm
I am now making some coffee and not chai. I've had enough ? already! I add an additional dollop of sinful whipped cream in fond memory of Fisher and his F - density. The good book informs me that Fisher discovered it in 1924. I have strong reasons to suspect that the 'F' in the F-density was not in honour of Fisher.

4:05 pm
I think deserve a break and start messing around with theQuizclub website. I make some edits and then add Rita Hayworth as the Quizclub Redemption on the page. It serves quite a few purposes,
1. Makes the website looks infinitely more attractive.
2. Offers some consolation to people who wander there by mistake
3. .. and a few others

4:45 pm
My mind drifts to my edits on the page. I had changed 'each Sunday' to 'every Sunday'. I know something is definitely wrong with 'each' and can't tell what. Back to 'Statistical Analysis of Data', Chapter 13.

Sumedha calls. Ask her if she knows the difference between 'every' and 'each'. A lengthy discussion ensues and neither of us can put our finger on the exact definition and distinction. We agree upon the usage. I realise that there is some problem in conveying 'each and every' and 'each' and 'every','everyone' and 'every one', in a telephone conversation without the benefit of quotes.

Realise that each and every (a phrase which pundits recommend is wordy and should be avoided)time I start to read the Statistical Analysis of Data, I allow myself to get distracted. Also realise that the Statistical Analysis of Data has the acronym SAD. This strengthens my resolve to abandon it for the moment and find the answer to the burning question of the day. I find the correct explanation on a Chinese website (of all places!). The distinction between the two is quite clear and not slippery at all.
"'Each' indicates two or more objects or people and 'every' indicates three or more. 'Each' can also be used as a pronoun, but 'every' cannot be."
We often use words correctly, without really knowing the precise grammatical reason. Chuckle at the other topics on the site.

Decide that it's time to get back to SAD. Think to myself, "What kind of lazy Sunday afternoon is this anyway?". I quit. I make some more edits to the quizclub website. Start surfing the web. Now it feels more like it!!

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