Hitler justified his invasion of European countries on the pretext of wanting more Lebensraum or 'living space' for the German people. I look around my little home acre of 15 by 8 and see a mess of books, CDs, clothes lost in the blanket and wonder if more Lebensraum would simplify things. A whole extra room perhaps? Like Hitler, I don't really need more space. Mom's constant refrain, 'How about arranging your room?', sounds like voice from faraway and seems to get fainter and fainter as the days go by. There are SOME if NO perks of staying away from home. Since she is not here, I can justify and get away with it by saying,
'I can find anything anyways, ... well sort of. Besides, I like it this way.'

I am one of those people Freud would have called 'anal'. I don't delete old email. There is a LOT of space on my UMich account which I have managed to exceed a couple of times. Then we have people like Google providing Gmail with 1 Gig of space. How do you expect me to get out of this bad habit when they indulge me so. I have bills from years ago. The other day my awesome stopwatch ran out of space for the lap times. Something that I did not consider as a possibility (see old post), but I often surprise myself. Using that as a valid excuse (ie. not being able to record time), I ran a mile less than I decided. My laptop has just a 1 Gig left. My I-Pod is already running at max capacity. Should I get rid of the Vladimir Horowitz stuff or ... not?. Brochures from trips. And boy does it all pile up!

I remember getting here with two suitcases and a rucksack. What happened?

To rephrase 'Parkinson's Law',
Mess expands to fill the space available for it.

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