Why the little voice is little...

I consider my past few blogs in the light of this and I wonder if it's just me?

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Ashutosh said...

I think there are two kinds of happy people; those who think they are because of no reason (and these could be possibly the true happy ones), and those who are deluding themselves that they are happy because they don't know anything better, or because they simply have no choice. I believe such samples may cover the latter kind.
From another perspective, there are NO happy people in the world.
But yes, the results of these 'hapiness index' polls can be intriguing...I remember one such taken years ago, which concluded that Bangladeshians (Bangladeshites?) are the happiest people in the world!
Also, I AM happy to live IN Pune (in fact very happy), but I am not happy ABOUT Pune in many of its aspects.