Science Under Attack

(From the BBC)
"A college professor was killed and at least four others injured when a gunman entered the Indian Institute of Science and opened fire at scientists and laboratory technicians attending a conference."


A month ago, I had joked about this-.
"My labmate and I were talking about the possibility of a bomb explosion in the Convention Center. What would it mean? At a big meeting like this you would loose 75% of the world's top neuroscientists and it would be huge setback for science. Tim argued that a terrorist might want to do that to strike at the heart of progress and destroy the intellectual wealth of a society. It sure seems like a smart idea but terrorists aren't that smart to begin with, right? Also, the impact factor (intentional pun) would be quite small. Who cares about a bunch of scientists being blown to bits?"

I feel really sorry about even thinking about such a thing even in jest. Tim perhaps saw it coming. Today's events put such thought-experiments in perspective. One scientist, M.C. Puri was killed and many others are injured. As usual, the fingers have been pointed towards the foreign hand and the ISI. Blame the green-eyed monster.

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Paddy said...

Sad that this happened. It was a kashmiri separatist group called LeT behind this one. Their grand scheme of things seem to have moved south and have plans to screw with science/tech hubs in Bangalore,Hyderabad and Chennai. They seem to want to hit india where it seems to be prospering.