Peeves (updated)

People talking on the cellphone while jogging on the treadmill.

People haggling over a 30c discount coupon with the cashier in the check-out lane.

Badly parked cars that make it near impossible for you to get in or out of your car.

Not enough ketchup pouches.

People talking in the movie theatre while the movie is playing.

Having to wait at restaurants when you are dying of hunger.

Powerpoint slides with lines and lines of text. Yuck!

(Thought I would add some more....)

More yuck. Powerpoint slides with unnecessary animation and color schemes that distract from the real content.

Poorly spell-checked emails without any punctuation. Spare me your stream of consciousness and spare the ellipses ....

* Emails written as long instant messages eg: gtg, brb, gr8! What does it cost to punch in a few more keys?

* Overuse and abuse of emoticons. Very :( See old post

* Hot showers that become cold midway.

Not waiting your turn at the STOP sign.

Bone-headed pizza places who can't take an order or an address without you having to repeat it a million times.

* - New


Ashutosh said...

The last one irks me too...although I must confess that as a .ppt newbie, I was prone to the same habit.

Javed said...

My one and only peev is people not replying to emails... then i'm Superfly TNT, i'm the Guns of Navarone :P

GuNs said...

Hey !

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I came here expecting to see some posts on trekking. But it seems theres a lot more to you than just that.

My peeves : read my post on Swades, thats probably my first real post that I wrote from my heart.

Other than that, that PPT thingie is one major neuro-destructive-algorithm !! I hate it too.


anya said...

* ppl talking on their cell while sitting in a car with others.

Hirak said...

I appears that poor cell phone manners and email manners are universal irritants.

Ashutosh said...

You must have experienced some of the ultra short hand, acutely metamorphosed 'english' that people write in, on yahoo messenger or increasingly in emails (cu...u2..etc.) I get the feeling that they are aliens writing in a wholly different language.

Hirak said...

Exactly! You guys have reminded me of a few more