Marathon for Asha

As I have mentioned before and I will mention again until I grow tired of mentioning it - I am training for the Chicago Marathon that takes place on Sunday the 22nd of October. I was inspired by an old tagline for the Boston Marathon which read:
"You will know everything about yourself in 26.21 miles".

But, as I trained over the past year, I felt that simply achieving this difficult goal should have more meaning than personal vanity. I felt that a better reason and motivation for running would be raising money for Team Asha. Asha for Education is a secular organization that is dedicated to change in India by focusing on basic education in the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change.

My target is to raise $2620 (100$ for every mile). Details are on my
My Asha Runner's Page. After finishing my 20m run on Tuesday, I feel quite strong and I will make it to the finish line, but I am still quite short on reaching my fundraising target. Please donate if you feel this a cause that is worthy of your hard-earned $$.

For myself and for many people who have donated generously, I am sharing my accounts of my marathon trials, tribulations and insights on this blog.
Part I | Part II

This post will remain sticky, till I reach my target of $2620


Ashutosh said...

Till when do you plan on raising this money? Is there a deadline?

Hirak said...

Ideally, the fundraising goal should be met by or before the day of the marathon i.e. 22nd October

nalini said...

Hey, Just wanted to say the pictures on your website are so beautiful! I know this is not related to your blog and the marathon. Sorry for posting it here but i just had to tell you!

Hirak said...

Thanks! I eagerly lap up any kind of praise.

Santosh said...

Hey Hirak - Happy Diwali, I've written to a few of my friends. I am also going to donate. Wish you luck my friend.

- santosh