Oscars 2007

Apart from Scorsese's win as Best Director, I was a bit surprised to see The Departed pick up the Best Screenplay and Best Picture awards. Ellen Degeneres was herself; I would have liked to see some of her dancing. Her best gag of the evening was asking Spielberg to take a picture of her with Clint Eastwood for her Facebook profile. It has been Mexico's best year in Hollywood, but the big prizes did not go their way. Apart from the old Three Amigos presenting Scorsese with the award there weren't any other memorable or sensational moments.

It is a fun game trying to guess the winners each year - Oscar 2007 Predictions. Discounting The Departed, I wish I had second guessed some of the other categories. I felt Eddie Murphy should not have lost out to Alan Arkin. The other upset of the evening was Melissa Etheridge winning the Best Song. However, it was good to see that Pan's Labyrinth won most of the awards that it was nominated for.

The Oscars also mark the start of the season of drought. Perhaps it is time to get back to some of the classics.


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Ashutosh said...

Saw 'The lives of others". Remarkable movie...you have to see it.