O Pato

The great Brazilian guitarist Joao Gilberto and singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso singing 'O Pato'. Yeah! the song is in Portuguese and I when I first heard it I couldn't understand a word. But, the phrasing was so exquisite and the duet so lovely that it didn't matter. I like the look on Veloso's face at the end of the song showing his great admiration and respect for Gilberto. It's beautiful.

It's actually quite a fun bossa-nova song about a duck who goes samba dancing with another duck, a goose and a swan (Translation and lyrics).


Hirak said...

Brazilian ducks don't 'quack' they 'quenk'.

Islo Nantes said...

Brazilian music is alive and well. Joao Gilberto has just left the building.

A musica brasileira esta viva e muito bem. Joao Gilberto acabou de deixar o predio