The truth about bags and bags

Interestingly, today's WSJ reported on the topic of the last post - reusable or not. Of course, the chief issue is about learning to change behavior. Unless the shops themselves don't raise the bar on the bags, or in the absence of legislation there is a great tendency to slide into the convenience of the plastic bag.

There are bags and then there are bags. A high-end designer made these bags that are cool, but completely impractical unable to store anything other than a head of a lettuce.

It was rather sobering to note that I would have to first use my reusable bag a number of times before I start reaping the green benefits. In the short term at least, my house is relatively clear of plastic bags and I am happier for it. There were about 100 billion, yet 100 billion plastic bags used.


SKP50 said...

YEAH THAT IS GREAT Mummy Pragnya is an ardent votary of cloth bags for shopping. We always had one in the car.Gave out eco-friendly jute bags as gift to friends too!!!


Tim Marzullo said...

Just use your bookbag dude! You and your lady should just bike to the co-op and put food in your bookbags like your local hipster labmate does.

Hirak said...

@Tim: Yes, my wannabe hipster friend, I do use my bookbag to go to the Co-op. But, it ain't big enough for the weekly groceries.

Using my hiking backpack - now that's an idea.