The Inner Eye

If one photographs people it is the inner look that must be reflected. One must reveal what goes on inside them, as well as their relation to the other world.
As I photograph with my little Leica, I have the feeling that there i something so right about it: with one eye that is close one looks within. With the other eye that is open one look without: one see the shapes, the living quality of what moves one to photograph. W passion, without working with the emotion of the heart and the enjoyment of the eye, nothing vital can be put down.

- Henri Cartier-Bresson

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SKP50 said...

It is a very penetrative and in sighful line from one of the most creative Photographers.His pictures were a testimony to this belief of his;and his skill in beeing able to look wothin.That made him one of the great chroniclers not photographers of his time.

..........SAME way look within your own inner consciousness,intuition,the little voice and make it photo sensitive;to the love and creative force of the UNIVERSE/CREATION.Open up and get fulfilled.. SUNIT