Indian Summer

Last week with temperatures in the 70s it was an Indian Summer. Running on trails is fun, but you can't stop and stare an beautiful sight. But for once instead of lacing my trail running shoes, I took a camera and walked through the trails that I love. After a run on a beautiful day, I always swear to myself, that I will be back with a camera. But, I never make it back with a camera.

This was my last chance to capture the beauty of the fall in two of the two greatest trails in Ann Arbor. The brutal and beautiful Nichol's Arboretum and a trail less traveled - the Huron River Trail.

More pics from Fall.



Nivedita said...

Very beautiful snaps Hirak!
I loved 'SingleLeaf' the most... good to find you here!

Mahesh said...

eccellent photographs indeed :-)