How close can a shave be?

The safety razor was a great improvement over the cutthroat razor. But, after that it invention for the sake of marketing. To maintain customer curiosity, Gillette and friends come up with 'new' razors everytime I go to get a replacement.

There was Mach, then MACH III and MACH with a vibrating blade. I mean these are razors... not motor cars that can be endlessly customized, enhanced, improved. But, these guys will find something. I think the Onion really put a lid on the ridiculous improvements.

F*** everything, we are doing five blades.

When I do see five blades in the pharmacy aisle, I am gonna roll on the floor laughing.


Javed said...

Since the predominant consumers of razors are men (Men who think that more is better) marketing razors as some hot software with revised versions does those ppl a lot of good. Not to mention keeps their cash registers ringing!

Anonymous said...

Just to point out -- the Onion article is nearly 5 years old....and the author has probably already hit the floor laughing as the so called Gilette FUSION has 5 blades + an extra finesse blade on the back

I would say the point behind this is supposedly the mentality of most men that more/bigger/flashier/more complicated sounding is better


Anonymous said...

Of course Gillette already has prototypes for the 17 blade razor. They just want to introduce a razor in the market with +2 blades than the predecessor.

One possible business model that you can use in your next elevator pitch is to beat Gillette to the chase and go bring the 15 blade razor to market right away.