Phrasing: Catching Song

Phrasing is super important in music and also in language. How you string words together and how you put hte building blocks together. Very intersting interview with Bobby McFerrin on  the importance of improvisation. He says that if were a teacher of music he would not start with the staff or written music. But, just with one note 'C' and let the students play that for a few weeks, then add another note 'D' and let them improvise.

He says in the interview that singing songs with lyrics sometimes interferes with interpretation. So, Bobby McFerrin tries to teach without words. He says that not many people can do it - babble nonsense syllables - for minutes on end.

Speaking of language that McFerrin uses:
Is singing for entertainment. Is it for more than entertainment? Inter-tainment?
He is full of endless word-play continues. In fact it calls it 'catching song' not 'singing song'. Words sometimes obscure meaning, but sometimes they can illuminate, especially when you are as original as Mr. Bobby McFerrin.

Bobby Ferrin: Catching Song.
Link to .mp3 of interview

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