Confessions of a Caffeine Addict

The temperatures have again fallen. Not yet sub-zero,but cold nevertheless. I use this as a justification to start drinking more coffee than usual. I am now at one whole pot of coffee a day.
Differentiating the men from the boys, hard core addicts dispense with the fancy creamers and sugar. It's pure coffee. Black and straight to the gut. Caffeine now acts as a kick-start for the day. The mid-afternoon sleep and boredom dispeller. I wonder if it's just an oral fixation or genuine addiction? My sweater now smells of coffee. Analogous to a smoking jacket?
Yet, I look forward to a different way of having coffee - like, in a coffeshop, over some intelligent conversation. It's been some time since the Barista days on Main Street. The excuse? May be not having the time or the right company for indulging in the ambience of a coffeeshop.
Surest Sign of Addiction:Drinking alone.