Glove challenge
Today it was the first day it snowed. They were flurries. It looked pretty with the snow on the branches of the bare trees, which looked edible with all that frosting.
I got my winter jacket out for the first time in months. I found an old glove in a pocket. I lost three pairs last year. Actually that is not correct. I lost three halves of the pairs. There is chance that I lost opposite pairs and I could reuse the other two halves. Oddly the left hand glove on both occasions disappeared. Sinister? :)
Two of the three pairs did not belong to me. So technically speaking the lose has been 50% but effectively 100% damage.
This year I am trying a thought experiment. I have bought realtively high quality, expensive gloves from Eddie Bauer. The thought is that you are more careful with more expensive stuff. I don't think that I shall misplace them. Let's see. So far it has been about one month and I still have the pair. Please check back later for the status of the glove. I think I shall win!

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