After the movie I stepped into Borders and made two interesting observations:

Almost every other book was a 'Now a major motion picture'. I saw 'Cold Mountain' , 'The Big Fish', 'LOTR' (of course), House of Sand and Fog, Girl With a Pear Earring. My suspicion is, that this is only all Oscar hype and hoopla.
A nagging doubt:' Is Hollywood running out of good, original screenplays, that it needs to rely on bestsellers?'

The second observation was that one third of the shelves in the front jostling with the 'books' were 'audio books'. Audio versions of all the hottest selling books. Don't people want to sit down and read anymore? Or does it reflect a change in the way people nowadays want to 'read' books? Books-on-the-go. More like coffee. Plug it in. Huh?

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