Hand in Glove
A few months ago I had launched the Glove Challenge on my blog. I wrote about my thoughts on the sinister link between my gloves getting lost in less than three weeks of buying them.
Note:( I have been informed with people with similar talent, "Never say, 'I lost my gloves again!' Modify it to 'Someone stole my gloves again!' ". I thought it would be worthwhile to share this piece of wisdom to you guys out there. You are not alone!)

Thanks to my black tongue, I lost the gloves in two days after writing that piece. Those were really expensive Eddie Bauer gloves. It not only killed my naive hypothesis that "You take care of expensive things better."
I mulled over the lose of gloves and the New Kind of Science. Later wisely deciding that losing the digits of my fingers was a not the correct form of penance. So I went and bought new gloves. A few days later, I got another pair from my sister. (It seemed that the story had spread that I had lost my gloves and she thought that it would be a nice Christmas gift).
At the dawn of the New Year, among the many resolutions to do this and that, I reissued the 'Glove Challenge'. This time I felt that mentioning it on the blog was not auspicious, so I kept quiet and concentrated on keeping track of the gloves. It worked!
So far I had managed not to lose them for 31+15 days. So I boasted to my friends. A personal unbeaten best. Then the inevitable happened. At 2 am when it was -18C outside I felt around my coat for the gloves. They were missing! I recalled the boasting about the personal record a few hours earlier. I cursed me and my black tongue.
Where did they go? I am proud of the fact that I more conscious about gloves than before and I recalled they must have walked out when I was buying coffee. Damn them! At 2 am the Coffee shop was closed. I almost tried to break in to see if they were there. They were not. With a heavy heart and freezing fingers I walked back home. Me and my black tongue!
I tried to call the guy who works at the coffee shop when I got back. Perhaps he had found them and they did not fit him. I got his voicemail. Damn! First I lose my gloves then this chap is sleeping at 2 am. He is a student goddamit. Should be working on his homework!
I did call him up in the morning. He had found them. ( I assume they had not fit him too well or he did not like the colour and had given it to the info desk.) Wow!It was like a dropped catch which gives the batsman a second life.
So why I am I writing about this? This is the second installment of my New Kind of Science.
Is there a causal link between hooting about something on your blog and then that think actually happening in reverse in reality?
Let's see.

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