Bad Hair Day

For the past one week I have been trying to have my hair cut. I usually go to a Chinese barberess(sic) on Maynard. Back home I heard that people usually cut their hair at home in the US. I thought that the idea was ridiculous. After seeing the price of a haircut in the US, I realised what the options were. Home Sweet Home! My roomate at that time was a year senior to me which kind of made him more of an expert at cutting than others. The first time (he did not tell me it was his first time!) he almost chopped off my ear. His excuse was that the hair had grown so thick that he could see the ear and nicked it. After that I did not trust him with the scissors. At the same time I thought there had to be a better option. So we went and invested 25$ in automatic clipper which might be able to lessen his brutality with scissors. We were engineers man, we could figure things out or atleast were supposed. How tough could it be to be able to give a crew-cut?. Just snip away. Again my roomate was given the clipper. This time he just was so clipper-happy that my friend Anup was reduced to jail/mental asylum hair cut. That was the unkindest of all cuts and he had to hid in a cap the next two weeks.
That ended my experiments with 'home-cuts'. So I go started going to this barber on Maynard street who charges 12$ smiles a lot, speaks little. After going to her all this time that I have been here, I thought that this time I must try someone different. I looked up the yellow pages and there are tons of barbers.
So one afternoon I call this barber up and find out that they are open till 8. So I reach there by around 7:40 and that lady kicks me out saying she has two clients and she shuts at 8.
"Come tomorrow". So I continue to live with this long hair that has by now become 'freakishly long' for one more day. I noticed while leaving the sign "Open at 9am". So the next day, I reach there bright and early. No sign of the shop opening at 9am. I sat there a while outside on the bench. It was cold and windy. I decide to wait some more time. Till 9:30 the shop did not open. Thinking that freezing to death waiting for a haircut was not an honorable enough death, I took refuge in a library nearby. The library was in Mall and I recalled seeing some sort of barber shop there too. So I went there. The glass was thick so I could not see what was going on inside. I stepped in to discover that it was female gym called Curves. I almost blurted out, 'I need a haricut' to the leotard clad ladies.
Then for a week I could not get to a barber, because in this country everything except bars shut early.
Today I took a bus to 'Supercuts' after calling them and finding out they close at 7pm. I reach there at 6:05 and there are two people sitting there and one lone hairdresser. The girl says, "Sorry we are not taking any more customers!!". WTF!
So then resigned to my fate and my karmic destiny with the Chinese hairdresser I cycled to Maynard Street. It was about 6:15 pm. I reached the door and saw Monday to Friday 10:00am - 6:30 pm. Damn!!! Is there a God?
I tried the door. It opened. The same lady was there. She beamed,
"Welcome. Haircut?"

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