Yep,I now have my GMAIL account . I logged on today and I see this message. Do you want to sign up for GMail. "Yes or No?". Using a computer metaphor. OF COURSE YES MAN!! YES , YES YES.
I felt it was redundant question. It was just a matter of typing in an username and password.
I posted the announcement regarding Gmail on this blog on the 1st of April part of my fixation about Google. Some thought it was a hoax considering the timing and the kind of people who work at Google.
I did not get a reply.
Well now I have a Gmail account. It has become a sort of the latest Internet status symbol of late( Since? Since I got mine :)). I shall flaunt it for the short while that it is still exclusive. Hah! For the first time in my life I feel at I am actually riding the crest of 'the-things-to-come'. And its just an email account.
Will Gmail will be as revolutionary as Google was despite the uproar about ad-ware and other sap? I think it will. Free email was revolutionary which got Hotmail fired up and made Sabeer Bhatia a millionaire. The next step companies took was to make email not free with features. It has been an indifferent sucess. Now Google has come up with the ultimate spanner in the works:

Email: Free and Unlimited. As good as it gets

How good can it get?The concept of an unlimited mailbox is going to create the next revolution in the email business. Right now its exclusive so there won't be a public impact will be interesting to see how the Email- War shapes up. Its amazing as its major competitors were trying to eat into Google's business, Google used an age old trick. The best way to defend it to attack. MSN's hotmail and Yahoo the currently biggest free email are aware of the heat. Hate to think how this will affect the Google IPO (whenever that is!)

Getting your Gmail
I bet most of you are regular bloggers and have got this invite when you logged in to blog. Do it now if you have not logged on in days.

Another Tale of Human Greed
Seconds later after I got my Gmail account, Good old Human Nature kicked in. I began to think," Hey why not hit the Back Button and get one more invite and create another new account? Two accounts better than one". Apparently, the Google guys have been savvy about this. It did not work. It appears that somewhow your user ID and name so you can't redo the invite on main screen on I tried various ways. So One account that's all. So ends the tale of Email Greed. Any Computer gyaani's with ideas if there is a work around this?

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