End Of the Real Estate Boom

End Of the Real Estate Boom
New York
After weeks of speculation the bubble has finally burst. Gmail gave each and every user 3 fresh invites. Bullish early gmail users who were waiting for the right time to sell their piece of internet real estate might have just waited too long. Hundreds of selfish speculators now find themselves unlikely to be offered

A woman's love and heart
Eternal gratitude
An Indian Head Massage
Phish + Dead CDs
20$ in cash from Paypal
Free Web Hosting

anymore. These bizzare items were being offered in exchange on on Gmail Swap. The creator of this site an employed nerd from Canada might not find what he really wanted by starting the site - A job!
As property prices for the elusive gmail address crashed leaving many disgusted with their bad timing. People who were being laughed at and made subject of lewd jokes about 'peaking early' are now laughing their way to the Credit Union to deposit their 15$ cheques. Meanwhile old-timers reminisce about the old days (two months ago) when Gmail was service only open to the digital e-lite. At the Gmail Club, while signs 'For Internet Cognoscenti, Bloggers & Nerds Only: Two Finger Typists And Dogs Not Allowed' were being taken down an old-timer talks about the days of ' Separate but Equal Email Access'.
"It was great then, people looked at you with awe that you had a Gmail id. Many rued the fact that they did not blog or blogged at some other loser site. I guess I was greedy and missed all the lucrative offers of massages, money, eternal love and now its all over. In Grade I the music teacher told me I wont make a musician with my poor timing. It extends to other things as well." While some lamented about missed offers, the other e-lite talked about the parvenus who would eventually clog the service up. Some accused Google of 'selling out' and going commercial.
Meanwhile Yahoo, an old world egalitarian email provider increased it email quota from the pitiful 10Mb to 100Mb. People eagerly await what the Redmond monster will do next.

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