Judge a CD by its cover?
It is hard for me to step out of a bookshop or a music store without picking the 'last-must-have-CD'. However addicts like me think that they can tell quite a bit about the CD by listening to a few tracks. Very often you judge a CD by its cover, or where it is placed in the story. "Oh, that's hip-hop", or, "Oh, that's country". For some reason, people are always polarized when it comes to these two genres. Wonder exactly why. I often listen to this 'online-only' NPR radio(?) show, whose name is derived from from their popular current event show - All Things Considered. Don't forget to see the archives which have more interesting topics. I found this particular show quite a fun exercise - CD Covers ( on NPR's: All Songs Considered: Special Edition).In this edition the programme's producer Bob Boilen and a music journalist try to guess kind of music by simple looking at the CD covers. Was impressed by two bands( won't give it away, now). Would like to listen to them, if I can get hold of these obscure CDs.

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