< 2.50$

< 2.50$
More on the subject of Library fines and Me (link to old post)
I was informed by the librarian that the sum of my fines was now $12.50. To which I asked,
"What's the limit?"
"When it reaches 15$ you will have to pay them"

This leaves me with two options.
a) Pay up now and avoid the ignominy of not being able to check out a book cause I have exceeded the limit and find myself without any cash and bunch of plastic cards which they won't accept
b) Or treat this as a Last Warning and reform myself starting this moment.

Fearing the worst in myself, choosing option 'a' there is a high likelihood of a relapse and believing the best in myself, choosing option 'b' will cure this bad habit.
The target: Not to exceed the 2.49$ that remain a safety in the next two months of my sojourn in Cleveland.

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