S.O.B (Save our Blogs)

S.O.B.(Save Our Blogs)
Avoid sobs and don't allow the SOBs to steal your material!

I wrote a cheesy, little Perl program (save_blog.pl) to save my archived blogs in case, this blog is taken hostage. I hope others will find it equally useful. Since this program was initially written for selfish, personal reasons, the current version only supports blogs that are archived monthly and which are on blogspot.com. Shall try to make other improvements based on suggestions, hopefully by this weekend (when I have time to do this!)
If you use a Windows machine that has Perl installed, you are ready to rock 'n roll. Unix/Linux users need not bother since Perl is usually bundled in. This link might be useful for others who might have to download one.PERL for Windows

For usage and other notes please refer to SOB - The Complete Documentation Please alert me ASAP in case of any errors.

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