Save Maharashtra

Save what from whom?

Tom Friedman's last bestseller is: The World is Flat, in which he writes about a New World Order. He says that in the last decade, through the spread of the Internet, underwater high-speed cables and satellite communication - the playing field of the world is being levelled. He says that America and other Western countries HAVE NO CHOICE but to compete with an highly-educated class of people from India, China and Eastern Europe. There will be no borders and mediocrity is not going to be rewarded because your job could be easily done by someone else across the globe.

While the world is fearing Asian domination in the decades to come, we have people like Parimal Sondawale who still seem to be waging senseless battles. I agree that Maharashtra, and India as a whole, needs to be saved, but saved from parochial Parimal Sondawales and their like.


Anonymous said...

:D do you think its possible that the blog is a gimmick?? he is funny though in a not so funny way. I like it

Anonymous said...

Yes I support Parimal in all his efforts. Maharashtra needs to be saved from vulutres of south and north.

We have certain danger from these vultures whose population is growing like cancerous cells.

How many Marathis have migrated to Kerala, TN, Andhra, Rajasthan, UP and Bihar? They why should we respect chutyas from these states?

Anonymous said...

When a Maharashtrian is proud of Mahrashtra, you call him parochial. When other nationalities of India shamelessly hype up their states, that is called what?

Why don't you accept that India is a multinational country. It has been living in denial for 60 years, that is enough!