There be changes made

"There'll be a change in the weather and a change in the scene
How is that?
I'm gonna start wearin' leather and change my routine
I'll wear dark glasses maybe a toupee
I'll get down and boogie and become risque
I'll start wearin' make-up like jackson and prince
You'll see me ridin' in my mercedes benz
Nobody wants you when you just play guitar
There'll be some changes made tomorrow
There'll be some changes made"
Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins
Neck and Neck

There has been a template change. New wine in an old bottle. The old commenting system using Enetation proved to be the last straw. The Enetation commenting system has completely conked out and I was spurred into action.
The old blogger templates used tables (which were quite lame) and outdated HTML standards. The new templates use stylesheets which are infinitely better for making edits painlessly (once you set things up) and there have been a lot of improvements by blogger, e.g. Each blog has its own page. Not wanting to be a Luddite I have made the changes.

In the old Blogger days they had no commenting system. I guess even Blogger did not realise what blogging was going to turn into. Their initial commenting system was quite poor. Thanks to Google's cash and some really irate users, Blogger completely revamped their commenting system over the past few months. I think it is currently among the better commenting systems out there. The switch has resulted in a loss of the old comments and I have not yet figured out how to support both systems. In the past it has been quite irksome to read blogs that have two sets of commenting systems and you don't know which to really use. I don't want to add to that sort of ugliness that is already quite pervasive but I am looking for some ideas to fix this problem (obviously, in a painless way).


Paddy said...

Cool. BTW you have been officially book tagged by me (#1 on my list)

Ashutosh said...

Haha!! The "Enetation" link in your post itself does not work!

Hirak said...


Javed said...

this one's much organized although the text area of each post is reduced....something I don't like...a little more color would do too!!

Anirudh said...

Yes, Blogger has improved a lot.