You gotta try this!

Got my hands on the Konfabulator and the associated bunch of goodies. Many thanks to my ever-vigilant friend Javed. He reported that this awesome technology is now FREE! Thanks for that. It makes my Windows desktop slightly classier; still miles to go before it can measure up to a Mac. Since my advisor has not done something like this, for now it is good enough.
(Needless to say that it wasted one whole hour and won't do much to improve my productivity.)


Javed said...

That's my blog!! The best things in life are free, for everything else there's (your dad's) Mastercard... ;)

Sumeet said...

let me pooh-pooh your "classy" Windows desktop:
"pooh-pooh" ;-)
no but seriously, you're absolutely right about the productivity part. But who cares, widgets are cool toys

Hirak said...

You're the man!

What can a poor Windows weanie say?

Ashutosh said...

Haha!! Well, on another note, maybe YOU could do something like what my advisor did!
Simple solution. Get a Mac and save the flak!

Paddy said...

Thank You So Much for the Link.Awesome!