No! I have not been bombed out. I was in India these past few weeks and I strongly intended to keep writing but I simply could not. You know how things are on a vacation.
This time I was also up to 'other stuff'.
I was impressed with VSNL dialup. It is a little better than it used to be.
The helpdesk folks (just try 'em). Let's not talk about the Pune roads. I am depressed already.
I am off to China for the next two weeks and I do have intentions of posting from there if I can get access and TIME (You elusive creature!). Let's see how that goes.


Ashutosh said...

Welcome back! You trip to China should prove interesting. Let's see if in the first place, you can access blog sites. The last time I heard, the Chinese Government banned a few. Also try searching for words like 'democracy' in Google on the Chinese internet.
Have a good trip :)

Sreeja said...

One of my chinese lab mates once told me that "google" itself was banned in China....Don't know how true it is...Will be interesting to hear it from you first hand Hirak....Have a good trip -- Sreeja (the Rege one, although i doubt if you knew any other one)

Anirudh said...

China should be interesting. Do write.

Rahul said...

You might find these survey results interesting:
(Published in Business Today's Sept edition)


"Gone online to read a weblog"
China (sample size 1912): 22%
HK (1000): 19%
Singapore (964): 16%
India (1019): 1%
Indonesia (1020): 1%

"Favourite News Content"
Average order of preference in above countries (highest to lowest):
Current Affairs, Entertainment, Sport, Politics, Fashion

Entertainment, Sport, Current Affairs, Politics, Fashion

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