Save Our Blogs Redux

Many moons ago, I posted about this. I repeat myself.

At some point you might want to save the pearls that you cast before swine. The last thing you want is to wake up one morning and find that the blogging service has hijacked your blog and now demands a huge ransom. I am not that paranoid about doing that now that it is owned by Google.Inc but still it is nice to have your blogs. To avoid the pain of doing CTRL+C and CTRL+V over and over again, I wrote a little Perl script to achieve this objective. Hopefully, it will help you and fulfill my long-harbored-but-never-expressed, deep altruistic feelings.

Update: What was I thinking?

I wrote the script more than a year ago and it recently occurred to me that I had replaced one pain with another. Since installing PERL and run it can be a pain for most people, I created a stand-alone executable (for Windows only) of the script. Now you have to simply run the sob.exe program.

Modifications and added functionality to the original script are more than welcome, since right now it has rather limited support.
Save your blog script and .exe


Kunal Thakar said...

Nice idea to make a .exe from the script. The executable is pretty large though for such a small script. How did you make a .exe?

Btw, my sirname is spelled as Thakar and not as Thakkar. Thanks!

Hirak said...

The exe was made using a trial version of perl2exe. It's pretty useful but the trial version does create bloated versions as you noticed in this case.
Thakkar is now corrected!