It's spring and suddenly it feels that Ann Arbor has got a lot more people. It's the first time you get to see some of your neighbours. There is an outdoor BBQ party somewhere on my street on any given day of the week. Though it still gets a little cold in the evenings, people here want to will it away by pretending it's summer. While there is a tendency to guzzle a little more beer and have more junk food in the form of hot-dogs and burgers, there is also a tendency to bike, run and generally be outside more. Why not? Ann Arbor is at its prettiest during these few weeks. Flowers are in blossom, the tulips and other perennials are in bloom. But it rained quite a bit these past few weeks and the rain has taken the blossoms with it. Sad!

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Ashutosh said...

Even here in Atlanta, I have been cursing the rain for spoiling the beauty of otherwise sunny and temperate days. Luckily, today was graduation day, and it was nice throughout. I can guess that for Ann Arbor inhabitants, sunny and temperate weather must be something to be truly cherished.