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Just when we thought that we had almost accomplished victory, India takes another step backwards. Religion becomes the defender of Polio. It is such a shame!
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Javed said...

Nice article there but I wouldn't go as far as calling it a religon thing. It's just a pity that in a state infected by corruption and poor social welfare infrastructure nobody has come forward to bust such myths and tell the Muslim community otherwise. I also think if these 'Muslim clerics' cannot justify their claims then they should be reprimanded for it but in a state where vote-bank politics is the norm how many are you going to point fingers at?

Ashutosh said...

Despicable, and I can almost see an insidious political agenda; the same Muslim clerics will then blame the government for not doing enough for the Muslim polio patients who are in the majority. These days, they will hang on to the most unlikely thing for inciting religious hatred.