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Yes, I support Parimal in all his efforts. Maharashtra needs to be saved from vulutres of south and north.

We have certain danger from these vultures whose population is growing like cancerous cells.

How many Marathis have migrated to Kerala, TN, Andhra, Rajasthan, UP and Bihar? They why should we respect chutyas from these states?

I was little disappointed by the rather tame tone. When will I succeed in getting some real hate mail or comments full of spite? Who are these people anyway?

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Ashutosh said...

Isn't it nice when people start saying things that are so outrageous that they fail to start causing real damage or being dangerous...but then I think again, and think of Al Qaeda, and then think of what kind of people they must be if they start taking these things so seriously. Religion and Nationalism; two arenas where you can find this phenomenon of utterly irrational and outrageous statements causing utterly real and tragic damage.