Some people are under the impression that if you have a cell phone then you SHOULD always be available all the time, be it night or day. One of the unfortunate consequences of the electronic leash is having to explain yourself all the time.

Don't piss people off. Give them an excuse. Here are some of mine:

'Hey, are you busy?'
'Actually, no! I am talking to my parents in India.'

'Where were you? I called you a million times.'
Umm... I was thirty stories underground. I don't get any signal there.

'Why did you cut the phone?'
'I did not cut the phone... my phone ran out of charge.'

'Why do I always get your voice mail when I call?'
'Why do you ALWAYS call at the wrong times?'


Jason said...


Dont you think those reasons will make them go home with a determination to try harder the next time?

Also, if the person you are trying avoid is calling you often, conveying a subtle message indicating how boring the subject and the person both are, works wonderfully...

Javed said...

Dude are you running for President or something? Quit wasting time and answer my goddamn call ;)

Ashutosh said...

Spot on. I especially use the parents bit.