Link to my Photo Album

How are you? I assume you are doing great and are enjoying the summer. I have just returned from my summer vacation and I would like to share my digital pictures with you. You know right? that I bought a digital camera a few weeks ago and I went completely berserk taking pictures. Who knows? One of them could even make it to the National Geographic!!!

Instead of my usual practice of sending you the pictures as a large .zip file, I am sending you a link to my online album (I know you don't like attachments). Don't worry! you don't miss out on anything as I have downloaded EVERY SINGLE picture. Boy! It did take a long time to upload.

A lot of them look like repeats, but you will appreciate the subtle differences. I like to be honest and I have not deleted the completely out-of-focus and badly exposed shots. By the way, since you like puzzles - all the pictures are titled IMG_(some number).jpg and have ABSOLUTELY NO comments or descriptions. I guess it would be a nice exercise for you to figure out what the heck they are all about (you already know where I went). Going through the slideshow may take a while, but you won't lose track of the fact that it's my vacation album - at least one of us is present in 90% of all the shots. I can't wait to order the prints.


- Your friend

P.S. Hope to see your online album soon.


J@$m!ne said...

My guess - the next mail would most probably be about this new thing called an iPod...

Gaurav said...

Good ..
Hey You can view my Blog its also Good

Arvind Iyer said...

Hey my little DesiPundit discovery!

If you are wondering why you are finding this comment on a July '07 post - well I was curious what lay behind the label 'Cheap Wisdom' and clicked there before I read the Ignoble Research piece.

I liked quite a lot of them.
Will check the recommended article now....I guess there are quite a lot of other posts to cover up too!