Another Thanksgiving

How do you know it's Thanksgiving in Ann Arbor?
You can find parking on the street and its free!

I started this year's White Thanksgiving in an ironic sort of way - by meeting at a Starbucks with my running group and then running 7 miles. Ironic, because in a way it represented the best and worst of Thanksgiving. Wonderful tradition with commercialization seeping into whatever cracks it can find.

Another fun Thanksgiving tradition is to hear Arlo Guthrie on the Classic Rock station singing Alice's restaurant. If you have about half hour to spare, then you should listen to this song which is part ballad, part protest song, and part about taking out the garbage.
Watch on You Tube.

The worst of Thanksgiving is the Black Friday doorbuster sales. If you are part of that madness then more power to you, but I was on the sidelines last night. Gawking is more fun, less expensive and, more importantly, keeps you warm and comfy. We drove around to Best Buy and Circuit City to look at the poor souls waiting in line. With the temperature in the 20s, it could not have been much fun except for the Bearclaw Company chaps who were selling them coffee. The line stretched around the block and it was easy to see the Black Friday pros from the amateurs. The pros were in the first 10, had a tent and a generator, yes a generator! The amateurs with just a cap, gloves and a jacket will need to have their bodies thawed in the morning with a blowtorch.

Check this documentary.

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