Dire Threats

I am the admin for an email group that has over 1400 people. The listserv is set up to automatically take people off if they send a message with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

The unsubscription process is appended to every message that is sent. In addition, I have huge header that says, "Don't reply to the sender of this message. Follow instructions at the bottom of this email to be taken off this list". Despite all that, I often get personal requests from people to be taken off. Then I have to remind them that they should follow the instructions. Most people understand, but then you have the occasional idiot. I got this message after my gentle reminder:

TAke my name off the list
or I will email you 100 times a day


So for he has sent about 20 messages. What kind of asshole can you be? You don't read your mail. You can't understand instructions. And then you act like a terrorist. Thank God for filters.

This sort of stuff sickens me to the stomach. The internet gives the trampled soul a voice, provides courage to cowards, and takes away all responsibility from communication.

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