Federer v Nadal

It's odd that in the end there are only two men left standing - the Manacor Minotaur and the Sublime Swiss.

Of course, Nadal needs to attend to the minor paperwork of writing off his fellow Spaniard - Verdasco. So, unless Nadal slips on the bathroom floor and breaks both (yes! both) his legs, or Verdasco grows an extra heart to keep up with the running he needs to do to face the ball-machine, we are up for another epic final.

Verdasco played brilliantly to knock Murray and Tsonga, and Roddick did well to force Djokovic out and make it to the semis. But, the finals have been reserved for the Big 2.

Nadal seems to be getting better and better each time I see him play. His serve and backhand have improved tremendously, and he is capable of not only returning but pounding even the best return. This is obvious. But, what seems to be most impressive is that he makes such few errors.

Federer once remarked that early in his career he did poorly because he could not make up his mind on what shot to make, as he had so many options. Now late in his career, he seems to have trouble deciding, should I play like a human, or a God? A very human Federer played against Berdych, and then the next two matches it has been 'The Federer'.

It seems that everything till the final is just practice for these two guys. A lengthy two-week prelude with the guys playing 'good' cop and 'bad' cop. Good cop - R. Nadal gets to work immediately and bulldozes opponents as quickly as possible; in contrast, Bad Cop R. Federer has been more of the tease, a trapeze artist, whetting everyone's appetite for the final showdown.

My generation has been honored to witness these two duke it out on the courts, year after year, slam after slam. So who will win? Does it even matter? To quote a Danish prince, the play's the thing.

Grab a seat and watch the drama unfold.


Ramanand said...

I'm going to miss the finals :-( BC open quiz all day.

Out of pure schadenfreude, I hope Nadal loses today and there is no epic finale. :-)

Hirak said...

So, Verdasco turned out not to be so much of a push-over. Still at the end of the day it's Nadal v Federer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hirak,

I know that entry was old but just wanted to say. Henceforth, I'm only rooting for Nadal. Not because I'm switching alliances but more because I never want to see Pete Sampras' record broken. Yes Fedex might be a great player but if you ask me, the only competition he's had is Nadal. Sampras won his titles going up against people like Becker, Agassi, Ivanisevic who are all legends in their own right.