Impossible Indian chick!

If you guys have a minute to spare while your women are getting ready. Check this out!
From Reuters: Indian Chick does the impossible!

For the first time, there is evidence that a woman can get her hair, makeup and clothes done in under one minute! What makes this even more of an achievement is the fact that it is an Indian woman! In my most sanguine moments, I thought that half hour would be a reasonable demand for someone to get ready, but this is an Olympian achievement.

It would indeed be a shame if this feat only managed to get in the Guinness Book of World Records. That book is meant for people eating nails, twenty hamburgers in 2 minutes, cycling backwards while playing a violin, or for pogo-sticking to Mt. Fuji. All impressive, but ultimately useless human achievements. This, my dear Gayathri, is worth at least a couple of Nobel prizes.

Here are some of the reasons:

Physics: Doing your hair in a French roll in the time it takes me to tie my shoelaces! And getting in a 9-yard sari in less than thirty seconds! The prize should be awarded for proving that the laws of physics as discovered by scientists no less than Newton, Planck, Einstein and Feymann do not need to be violated for a woman to get ready in less than a minute.

Peace: Surely, guys all over the world would appreciate her sharing this technique with their gals. I mean Al Gore got one for a Powerpoint presentation!

Chemistry: One definite woman has been synthesized by biological means that can ready in less than a minute.

Medicine/Biology: Nothing in the XX chromosome is responsible for any delay in getting ready.

Economics: Let's not even start. Gas, time, lights, etc. saved.

Literature: This might be the only tough sell, but heck! fact is stranger than fiction. This should count for something.

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Ashutosh said...

Hilarious! And very instructive as you indicated.