From the land of navel gazing

Since, I now have more time on my hands, I felt that this is an appropriate time to try out Twitter. So, I have sold out (temporarily) and shall be twittering:, where the good citizens of the world can find the answer to the burning question of the day -- What is Hirak Parikh doing gazing at his navel?

My most private activity is now public. I am now officially a part of the chattering masses.


Ramanand said...

So have you finished writing up your thesis or is the defence over?

Hirak said...

Yeah, the thesis is done. The defense is on Friday. A 'memoir' is in the works.

Ashutosh said...

Congratulations on climbing "Mount Improbable" and best of luck for the defense. I am still extracting myself from under an avalanche. And of course I will look forward to The Memoir.