The Monkey and the Fish

A monkey was walking along a river and saw a fish in it. The monkey said, Look, that animal is under water, he’ll drown, I’ll save him. He snatched up the fish, and in his hand the fish started to struggle. And the monkey said, Look how happy he is. Of course, the fish died, and the monkey said, Oh, what a pity, if I had only come sooner I would have saved this guy.

Thought provoking article on the harm that aid does in some situations. Philip Gourevitch on Humanitarian Aid: Alms Dealers.. That article generated a lot of responses from aid organizations that P.G. had to write a rebuttal which makes excellent reading as well: Response: to Alms Dealers. Quite surprise to read in the article that Florence Nightingale was opposed to Henri Dunant's idea for the Red Cross. Called it a ludicrous idea from Geneva. On reading Gourevitch's article, seems like the Lady of The Lamp had a point.


SKP50 said...

Yes, I agree totally and whole heartedly.(Dr.Sunit Parikh)

In 21 st Century we have to do restitution in terms of two things

1) The em-boweling of mothers earths resources.
2) Man has exploited Man just because the other was less armed or less knowledgeable or more hungry.
Unless we do a course correction ASAP there is disaster and chaos in the waiting.

havyas said...

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