Oscar 2011 Picks and Reviews - Part I

This review and prediction list used to be a yearly ritual, though I have kinda dropped the ball on this lately despite gentle admonishment and encouragement from JR. This year in terms of movie watching I have been pretty good. Once I see True Grit later this afternoon, I will have managed to see almost everything that was nominated, at least everything important. The lesser categories or unimportant ones being the technical, non-sexy categories, things like shorts, documentaries that realistically NO ONE gets a chance to watch. I did see the shorts though I think that the winners are treated badly, sandwiched between the silly jokes and frequently banal performances and soon forgotten. Sometimes they don't even get to go onstage. Terrible.

I sincerely wish that they would be a way to watch the Foreign Language Films because often times these movies are much better than the actual winner and the entire nominee list is best of the best from the rest of the world. Luckily, the Michigan Theater in A2 shows both the Live Action Shorts and the Animated Shorts. See the separate piece on the Oscar 2001 Shorts. They were all excellent and I've made personal note to myself to try to see places where I can watch more of these.

I was a tad bit disappointed to see such few nominations for Black Swan and The Social Network. I thought they deserved as much acclaim as The King's Speech. Among other movies that I thought were slightly given less importance were Blue Valentine and The Fighter. Can anyone explain the recent madness with having 810 nominees in the Best Film Category? What the hell is that all about? Studios wanting publicity and increased sales with the 'Nominated' tag? I am waiting for the day when they even split the Best Picture award in gazillion fragments to please everyone.

Predictions are in part of separate post Part II.

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