That is Joseph's email address. Joe is now working the Flying Carpet as a sound recording engineer. It has taken a lot of persistence and patience to be finally doing what he really wanted to do. I stand here on the Road so often travelled and think about the other path. I do like it on this path or on my side of the lawn (its green), don't get me wrong. What I am saying is that for those who want to take the beaten path in India it's a struggle. I often pained by articles in magazines and the newspaper who talk a lot about 'alternative' careers. Ask Joe what it took for him to finally succeed in an alternative career. It takes a lot of guts and gumption to do it and its not as easy as they make it sound. Add to that the attitude of some parents who think 'I hope you give this up to pursue something worthwhile (read make decent money)'. For those who want to follow their star, it hardly matters. Congrats Joe! Let's hear some great music!

One day Joseph was waiting for a bus to get somewhere and he picks up this totally timepass youth magazine called J.A.M (Which was great when it came out because of its M.A.D like attitude) and starts reading the music reviews. There is a review on 'Sailing to Philadelphia' by Mark Knopfler. He starts reading it and thinks to himself 'I have to meet whoever has written this'. He gets to the end and then sees my name. He felt, 'Damn. Does our tribe never increase?

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