The Oscar Scorecard
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Peter to Fran:"Some things in life are just worth waiting for, right?"

Its great to see Billy Crystal back. It was as it was mentioned it was the 'The Return of the Host', the quintessential Oscar host. Thanks Billy, it was a really entertaining evening. You'll be there next time too.
Again Adrien Brody stole the show, with his little mouth freshner. Brody said he has a restraining order, I was more of the opinion to have a restraining order on Charlize and Rene for their emotionally overwrought and L-O-N-G speeches.
This time most of the awards were as expected(was there a choice?). After the first time that the Rings were passed over along with Jackson, this clean sweep looked almost planned and contrived. Its Hollywood and everybody knows and wants the happy ending. Also logistically speaking Peter Jackson needed to be honoured. Perhaps not for this specific film but for all 3 of them and this is the best way to do it. From the alls-well-that-ends-well perspective and also following some sort of logic.
The speeches are the fun part to analyse. It was an interesting to compare almost everybody else to one man - Errol Morris. Most of the winners had typical emotions were of shock and joy of winning, gushing praises to friends family, and the Academy. Errol Morris stomped onto the stage grabbed his Oscar like it was no big deal. I almost thought he would say, "Yeah you guys at the academy think we decide whats good. I know I am great and I make great movies. Thanks for nothing." Apart from him I think only Sean Penn stood out in their honesty of response or rather saying what they should be saying and not saying what is expected to be said. "...its presumptous to write Oscar speeches.."

Oscar Cribs
I have to see Monster, yet I thought that Diane would get a nod out of sentiment and Samantha for her really amazing role. I was surprised to see Lost in Translation win beating In America. I think Jim Sheridan's story was amazing. I wonder why the movie was not nominated in the best movie category.

Oscar Scorecard:1+0+0+.5+1+1=3.5 Which was better than Good!
(The best actor and actress awards were the ones I did not predict correctly.)

Question to a film-lover:The OSCARS, do they matter, really?
Film Lover: What Oscars? That farce in kidding man? It's just a good show, thats all. See it, read it forget it.

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