So now you are 1!
I wonder whether blogs should celebrate their Happy Birthdays or their Anniversaries?. I say this because after a year of blogging, this blog seems to have a life of its own. The Little Voice began exactly a year ago when I had a this moment of modern-day epiphany, "I have to starting blogging". In the same inspired moments came post #1. I somehow the same day found the Holden Caulfield quote from the Catcher in the Rye. His prediction has come true in some sense. I have raved, ranted, lyricised, trivialised, glorified, denigrated. It has been fun.
Word has spread about this blog though not exactly like the AIDS virus. I am happy to meet old friends and new this way from my this corner of the universe. At the samt time across a number of great blogs that there are around and which I often read. Thanks to being click happy sometimes I have found myself in a totally interesting place thanks to links from links from somebody's blog. I am tempted to reduce John Guare's Six Degrees of Separation to perhaps four or five. It's time I posted links to blogs(on the to-do list).
I remember a few months ago I got in an argument with somebody who thought that blogs were a bad idea, a stupid waste of time. I wonder if it was the margharita that I started violently arguing with that 'stupid' guy. After a year now I realise that, hell who cares? It's about your own trip. Personally it got me writing again after years. I have to still post my poems and stories (on the to-do list). It got me reading and thinking about issues. Political ones, cultural ones, personal ones. I guess I should have shut up and just enjoyed the rest of the margharita and beckoned the Muse.

I have decided not to change the format because I like the way it is. The sidebar now has links to some old posts which I liked.

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