Dr. Seuss' Art

Dr. Seuss' Art
I was walking with friends, who had come down to Cleveland, through the Italian village and I noticed this art gallery tucked away in a corner. 'Dick Kleinman Art'. Through the window I saw what I had seen in a another art gallery in Monterey.

I stepped in and looked around at the amazing art of Dr. Seuss.

Loved the title Self-Portrait As A Young Man Shaving. The titles are full of puns, literary and musical allusions. eg:Venetian Cat singing Oh Solo Meow. He parodies the masters, the Cubists, Impressionists, and yet creates what is still all Seuss.
Later I learned that this gallery was the original gallery where the exhibition was first displayed. Dick told me a number of anecdotes about Seuss. Of how difficult Dr. Seuss found it to sell his art (at the price of 14$). Seuss he told me was a manic depressive. It is interesting that before all modern drugs, Seuss treated himself, by painting. Healing and science, in general are simpler than we sometimes make them out to be.

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