New Interface
I like the new interface of Blogger. Especially the Dashboard concept. I have now been through two major revisions of and each time it gets better and better.
I am glad about the fact that they have made it more zippier and snazzier, not at the expense of keeping it still simple. I really like the idea of the Post Page. This reminds me to start a blog-roll. Also it will be easy now to have 'The Best of the blog'
Though I kinda of miss seeing the old post below the edit window. So now you cannot actually see the posts on the same page. Will have to use it a bit more to see if this new feature is a better idea.
The Preview link is an awesome addition. Also it seems to load much quicker than having to wait(Hope this is not just an artifact of my current machine). Another good thing is that an incorrect tag will not propagate through.

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