In Search of a Perfect Dinner

In Search of a Perfect Dinner
Of late, since I moved to Cleveland, I have been cooking a lot. Today I decided to make(rather have) a classy meal. Got some Swiss fondue, Chianti wine and crusty French bread.
Went home, put music for the ambience and started heating the fondue. Its a criminal offence not to have good music with good food. Then I started looking frantically for the corkscrew. "Gotta get the wine out before the fondue boils over."
Everthing was in place. The fondue pot, the wine, the music and the bread. Yet it was not at all the fun that I had first imagined. Eating alone and definitely drinking alone are not that fun whatever the menu. I ate much too quickly and choked on the wine while gulping it down.
Perfect dinner = Perfect company

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