2nd Blog Birthday Post

2nd Blog Birthday Post
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It has been two years and two hundred or so posts since that snowed-out Friday evening in 2003. Two years of self-indulgent (according to my brother) posts and it has done me a world of good. That I might want to blog about an experience makes me more aware of what I am doing. I find myself reading up on the background, checking the facts, assessing other opinions, observing and analysing myself more - resulting in a richer experience. Never mind that most posts dissolve and disappear and only a few make it to the final furious flurry of keystrokes.
Sometimes, I find myself staring at a sentence for an hour, not because it sounds funny but because somewhere in my head there is a lack of clarity, some half-baked concept begging to be resolved. Blogging is a way to get rid of the cobwebs in my head.

This past year, I saw an explosion of new bloggers. I met many new and interesting people and saw a further decrease in the degrees of separation. Blogging ended the tyranny of 'mainstream news', it connected people all over the world with similar interests and created a new hobby. The tribe of bloggers ever increases. Unfortunately, we have certain characters who use the anonymity and distance to be rude and offensive in the comments. If you feel strongly about something fine, but why the cowardice?
The personal blog has always been about me, myself and I. We tend to be egotistical, want to self-aggrandize and want to project a particular image. Maybe, that's one of reasons why blogging is so addictive. Therefore, it is right and required that someone, somewhere along the line, decides to set the record straight. Some bloggers don't take too well to criticism or rather don't like to have their 'cover blown'. They prefer to spend another 1000 words on self-justification than simply admitting another point of view. From a shouting match, it soon turns into an ugly free-for-all wrestling match. Whatever happened to accepting human fallibility or agreeing to disagree? (Gentle reader, if I have been guilty of it please pardon and read on.)

Despite all that, I am glad that I have this space to write about everything and nothing and have YOU to read it. Thanks!

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