Rock-scar Awards

The rOck-SCAR Awards

The Ceremony
It did not rock at all. Not because, Martin Scorsese lost (he is way beyond the Oscars), but because it was not memorable in any sort of way. Do people really care who finally won the Oscar? Katherine Hepburn was dead right in saying that, there should be no competition among actors. I watch the Oscars simple for the ceremony. Usually, it is a fantastic show and some of the performances are awesome. Besides, the host is usually great. You watch for: the fantastic dresses, the expressions on winning or losing, and the goofy speeches people come up with. This time there was none of that. Despite Yo-Yo Ma, Lloyd Webber and Santana there was nothing remarkable about the performances. What a sheer waste of talent. And why was Beyonce singing all the songs? (to the others: get her agent)

Oprah Winfrey plugged Chris Rock endlessly and he, Chris Rock got a standing ovation when he came on stage. It seemed full of promise after his first line:

'Welcome to the 77th and last Oscars..',

that, would be his first and best joke of the evening. It was all downhill from then on. He did say what he wanted, but this year the MC's role seemed rather minor (for obvious reasons?). He poked fun at the Butt-of-All-Jokes: Mr. Bush, Jude Law and Nicole Kidman. He mentioned the taboo movies of the year Fahrenheit 9/11 and the Passion of the Christ and pointed out the quick way the Oscars were being dished out this year. But Rock was not funny. He was the PC choice, but Chris Rock is no Billy Crystal.

There were no surprises during the speeches. No Brody-Berry kiss or Michael Moore style plug. Sidney Lumet provided the the most 'illuminating' speech (Marty: take note).

Sad to see that the technical and minor film awards given off-stage to save time. Now we know that you put these guys in the cheaper balcony seats. Shame! Liked the guy(?) who mentioned that the technical awards are not 'technical' but rather for 'artistic' choices.

The Awards
Can't end without saying something about the award, can I? I have not seen the Aviator, the Million Dollar Baby and Finding Neverland, so I can't pit them against each other yet. Humbly, I must tell you that I guessed all the winners except the Best Director correctly. From the short clip Cate Blanchett, looked and sounded like Hepburn and was a sure-fire winner - no doubts about that. Jamie Foxx was head and shoulders above the rest. Leonardo - first grow up! Annette Bening came really close to winning this time. Now 2/2, Hilary Swank's own story might be stuff of legend in the decades to come but for now she rules the roost. I loved her backless dress. Wow!

Sideways is a great movie and a sensible guy-flick in a long time. Alexander Payne is the new Robert Altman in the making. A Very Long Engagement is another great movie which lost out on nominations but is very, very good.

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